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JTO 2022-Module on Service Compliance

08/07/2024 To 12/07/2024

Last date of Registration -08/07/2024

Course Category Induction Training for JTOs
Course Sub-category Induction Training
Name of Course JTO 2022-Module on Service Compliance
From (Date) 08/07/2024
To (Date) 12/07/2024
Learning Objectives

The course has been designed with following learning objectives of Service Compliance Module:

(i) To learn about checking of the service compliance by the licensee in respect of the license conditions and any directions issued by the licensor in public interest.

(ii) To know about matters related to Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) emission from Telecom installations & Tarang Sanchar Portal 

(iii) To learn about Subscriber Document Verification with the objective to ascertain whether the mobile service operators are following the DoT guidelines for Subscriber verification before providing connections

(iv) To give exposure to Service Testing of various Licensed Service Providers in the Licence area and checking rollout obligation as per license condition

(v) To learn the issues related to Mobile Number Portability

(vi) To understand about Advocacy and Public Awareness on related matters

Course Contents

Overview of Service Compliance and License Conditions
EMR Radiations, Emissions Regulations & Testing
Introduction of NARDA Equipment & Role of TEC in EMR 5G Testing
Rules & Regulations for Subscriber Verifications
Overview of Tarang Sanchar Portal & & NEP Portal
Service Testing and Checking Roll-out Obligations
Drive Test to improve Quality of services
(QoS), call drops etc.
Introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) & Regulations
MNP Systems & Operations
Different Reports of Compliance Vertical
Use of AI to prevent misuse of Telecom resources for financial frauds and cyber crimes
Visit to Delhi LSA/TEC
(Hands-on training on EMR Testing /CAF Audit/Service Testing/MRO Testing)
Public awareness and Advocacy of EMR

Target Population

JTO 2021(RL), JTO 2022(RL) & JTO 2022 Batches


Offline, classroom based training at NTIPRIT.

Expected Outcomes

After this course, the officers of JTO 2021(RL), JTO 2022(RL) & JTO 2022 Batches shall be in a position to understand the requirements of all aspects of Service Compliance .

Course Code 347
Allotment Year 2024
Allotment List Main List
Examination Yes
Maximum Marks 40
Qualifying marks 60%
Course Conducting Division transmission_and_ngs
Course In-Charge (Name) Subhash Chandra Kesarwani
Course In-Charge (Designation) Director(NGS)
Course In-Charge (Email) dir.ngn-nti@gov.in