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Telecom Networks and Technologies- Access Services

12/09/2022 To 30/09/2022

Last date of Registration -12/09/2022

Course Category Induction Training for JTOs
Course Sub-category Induction Training
Name of Course Telecom Networks and Technologies- Access Services
From (Date) 12/09/2022
To (Date) 30/09/2022
Learning Objectives

This module shall be aimed at familiarizing the officers with different access technologies, including wire line and wireless. Different aspects of licenses related to access services, issues arising out of its enforcement and compliance issues shall be the main theme of this course.

Policy and implementation aspects of Spectrum, numbering plans, Mobile Number Portability and roll-out obligations requirement shall be discussed to ensure a broader understanding of issues and challenges. The main emphasis of this course shall be to develop capacity for understanding various provisions of Access service license and related aspects of technology and implementations to ensure compliance

Course Contents

The objectives of the course is:

  • To list and explain various access services under licensing framework
  • To be able to list components of PSTN and mobile networks
  • To be able to explain 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network architecture
  • To understand the security dimensions of IP networks including lawful interception.
  • To understand the frauds committed through misuse of Telecom Network such as SIM Swap, OTP, SMS Header, call Spoofing etc.
  • To be able to relate legal provisions to various scenarios of access services and discuss the inspection, audit and compliance aspects of access services
  • To be able to understand basic concepts of spectrum and roll-out obligations and process
  • To understand guidelines and license conditions of access services and assess the role of telecommunications during disasters.
Target Population

JTO 2019(RL) and JTO 2020 Batch


Classroom training 

Course Code 307
Allotment Year 2021
Allotment List Main List
Examination Yes
Maximum Marks 40
Qualifying marks 60%
Course Conducting Division wireless_access
Course In-Charge (Name) Ashok Kumar
Course In-Charge (Designation) Director(WA)
Course In-Charge (Email)