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JTO 2022- ISMS and Emerging Technologies like AI/ ML/ Blockchain, IoT

15/07/2024 To 19/07/2024

Last date of Registration -15/07/2024

Course Category Induction Training for JTOs
Course Sub-category Induction Training
Name of Course JTO 2022- ISMS and Emerging Technologies like AI/ ML/ Blockchain, IoT
From (Date) 15/07/2024
To (Date) 19/07/2024
Learning Objectives

1 To be familiar with standards and approaches to Information security

2 To learn to conduct network vulnerability assessment using standard tools.

3 To understand practices and strategies for making an organization secure

4 To learn about security audit methodologies, frameworks and processes

5 To understand basic concepts of IoT/M2M, AI/ML and Block chain technologies

6 To discuss issues and challenges related to uses of these technologies with use cases

7 To dwell upon the issues related to security and policy matters related to development of these technologies.

Course Contents

Information Security Concepts and Standards: Information Security Concepts, Legal Framework, Standards

ISO27001: About the Standard, Implementation aspects, Auditing aspects

ISO27011; ISMS for Telecom Sector: Telecom specific requirement, Implementation Guideline

NIST Cyber Security Framework: Framework for critical infrastructure, Core, Tiers, Profile

Risk Management: Risk Identification, Analysis and counter measure, Risk Mitigation

GSMA Baseline Security Controls: Business Controls, Technology Controls, Security Control checklist

Internet Cloud: Cloud Definition, Models and Ecosystem; Uses cases, Requirements & Architecture; Cloud security, Infrastructure & Network enabled Cloud; Cloud Services & Resource Management, Platforms and Middleware; Cloud computing benefits & first Requirements from ICT perspectives

Blockchain Technology: Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies-Use cases in Telecom, Blockchain Security risk, threats and Vulnerabilities; Blockchain standards for compliance and Trust

AI & ML: Introduction to AI &ML Technologies, Ethics and use cases in Telecom; AI System life cycle processes; Data Quality for Analytics & Assessment of Machine Learning classification

Target Population

JTO-2022, 2021(RL) & 2022(RL) Officer Trainees undergoing induction training at NTIPRIT.


Offline, classroom based training at NTIPRIT.

Expected Outcomes

Implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) yields several critical outcomes. It establishes a structured framework for organizations to systematically manage and protect their information assets. This includes developing a comprehensive understanding of security risks, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, fostering a culture of security awareness, and enhancing incident response capabilities.

ISMS implementation enables organizations to continuously improve their security measures, adapt to evolving threats, and maintain business continuity through effective risk management and strategic planning. Ultimately, it strengthens trust with stakeholders, enhances operational resilience, and supports sustainable business growth in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

The adoption of emerging technologies promises transformative outcomes across various sectors. It fosters innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness by leveraging advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G connectivity. AI enhances decision-making processes and automates tasks, while blockchain ensures secure and transparent transactions. IoT enables real-time data collection and analysis, optimizing operations and customer experiences. 5G revolutionizes connectivity speeds, enabling seamless integration of devices and applications.

Course Code 348
Allotment Year 2024
Allotment List Main List
Examination Yes
Maximum Marks 40
Qualifying marks 60%
Course Conducting Division telecom_security_and_policy_rese
Course In-Charge (Name) Vishal Dheer
Course In-Charge (Designation) Director (PR)
Course In-Charge (Email) dirpr-nti-dot@gov.in