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Standarization, Testing & Certification

18/03/2024 To 22/03/2024

Last date of Registration -18/03/2024

Course Category Induction Training for ITS Officers
Course Sub-category Induction Training
Name of Course Standarization, Testing & Certification
From (Date) 18/03/2024
To (Date) 22/03/2024
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, telecom officers will proficiently understand the Standardisation Ecosystem, IMT Technology Development, and TSDSI, enabling effective implementation of standardisation, testing, and certification processes in telecommunications

Course Contents

Overview of TEC: Organisational Structure and Functions, Standardisation Ecosystem: National & International Perspective, Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment, Type Approval & Role of RTECs, TSDSI: Organisational Setup, Functions and Working

Target Population

ITS 2021, ITS 2022, JTO 2021(RL), JTO 2022, JTO 2022(RL)


offline classes at NTIPRIT campus



Course Brochure Download (56.11kb.PDF )
Course Code 265
Allotment Year 2024
Allotment List Main List
Examination Yes
Maximum Marks 40
Qualifying marks 60%
Course Conducting Division ICT
Course In-Charge (Name) Siddharth Kumar
Course In-Charge (Designation) Dir(ICT)
Course In-Charge (Email) siddharth.kumar@gov.in