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Big Data Analytics

10/10/2022 To 14/10/2022

Last date of Registration -09/10/2022

Course Category Induction Training for JTOs
Course Sub-category Induction Training
Name of Course Big Data Analytics
From (Date) 10/10/2022
To (Date) 14/10/2022
Learning Objectives

The module shall be aimed at understanding skill in digital age to store, process and analyze data to inform crucial decisions. The trainees will become conversant with the terminology and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. The knowledge thus gained would help for creating databases, compiling various information from government databases, collecting patterns of intelligence and providing technical intelligence to Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies. The learning objectives are to:


1. Understand Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem

2. Understand essential statistical concepts including measures of central

tendency, dispersion, correlation, and regression

3. Master SQL concepts such as Universal Query Tool and SQL command

4. Python programming-implementing concepts of variables, strings, functions, loops, and conditions

5. Understand the nuances of lists, sets, dictionaries, conditions and branching, objects and classes in Python

6. Case studies in Telecommunications

Course Contents

The course includes but not limited to following topics:

1. Introduction to Big Data Analytics: Understanding Big Data and its sources,

Characteristics of Big Data-3V's, Traditional Databases and its limitations, Big Data - An opportunity

2. Challenges in harnessing Big Data potential: The problem of Storage,

Processing and Speed

3. Introduction to Hadoop Framework: Hadoop as solution to Big data problems, Hadoop Architecture, Map Reduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN)

4. Hadoop Ecosystem: Hadoop Ecosystem/Friends of Hadoop-Hive, HBase, Pig, Mahout, Zookeeper etc.; Features of Hadoop, Limitations, Other technologies outside Hadoop framework

5. Understanding Databases: Types of Databases-Relational/Non-Relational, What is Database Management System (DBMS), Advantage and limitations of RDBMS, Databases for improved Decision Making

6. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

7. Introduction to Python: History, Features, Installation, Data Types, Keywords

8.  Application of Big Data: Application of Big Data in- Sentiment Analysis,

Market Basket Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Predictive Analysis

9. Application of Big Data in Telecom: Network optimization, customer retention, location based device analysis

10. Application of Big Data in DoT: Projects / Pilots in DoT-TSOC, Bulk migration, DIU

Target Population

JTO 2020 and 2019 (RL Batch)


Classroom module including Hands-on sessions

Course Code 308
Allotment Year 2021
Allotment List Main List
Examination Yes
Qualifying marks 60%
Course Conducting Division ICT
Course In-Charge (Name) Deepak Sharma
Course In-Charge (Designation) Director(FT)
Course In-Charge (Email)