Policy Research Division


Smt V. Sobhana
Room No 707, Admin Building, ALT Centre

011-2707371 (Fax)

Mobile: +919868135165
Email: ddg.ngn@ntiprit.gov.in


Shri S T Abbas
Room No 707, Admin Building, ALT Centre
Govt of India Enclave, Near Raj Nagar,
Mobile: +919868131786

Email: dir.pr@ntiprit.gov.in

Projects/Studies under execution:


1.      Non-compliance /delay in compliance of Roll out Obligation and blocking of Scarce resource i.e., spectrum by licensee(s).

2.      Policy Regarding M/e-Governance for their improvement with respect to telecom.

3.      National Cyber Security Policy -2013, challenges in implementation and suggestions to meet challenges.

4.      Creation of Sectoral Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) in DOT (Study jointly conducted by TEC & NTIPRIT and report submitted).