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SeqCircular DetailsDate
285 DoT H/Q L.No. 7-1/2014-STG.II dated 16 March 2015 regarding revised joining date of candidates offered appointment to ITS Group-A against ESE-201316-03-2015
284 Re-allocation of works related to Knowledge Repository to NGN & PR Division at NTIPRIT- Office Order27-02-2015
283 Notice for Professional Examination and Hindi Test of ADETs of ITS Group-A25-02-2015
282 JTO-2013: Joining Instructions for candidates reporting to NTIPRIT against offer of appointment by Department of Telecom to JTO Group-B of ESE-2013 batch31-12-2014
281 Works related to Examination Cell at NTIPRIT Ghaziabad and Controller of Examinations18-11-2014
280 Releiving Orders for 3-days In-service Course on Advanced Security aspects in Wireless Systems held at NTIPRIT from 10-12 Nov, 201412-11-2014
279 Relieving Orders for Inservice Course on Security in Wireless Systems held on 13-17 October 201417-10-2014
278 Posting of Shri Narendra Prakash, ADG as ADG(ICT) at NTIPRIT30-09-2014
277 Work allocation and rearrangements in NTIPRIT17-09-2014
276 ITS Group-A Induction Training Program Handbook on revised syllabus (applicable from ITS-2012 batch)12-09-2014
275 Activities related to conduction of training courses and responsibilities thereof10-09-2014
274 Form for no-dues certificate for ADEsT getting posted from NTIPRIT08-09-2014
273 Relieving orders of two Officer Trainees of ITS-2012 batch for Field Attachment29-08-2014
272 Posting of Shri Manoranjan, ADET at NTIPRIT as ADET(WA)23-07-2014
271 Posting orders issued by DoT HQ for Officer Trainees of ITS-2010 batch. 13-3/2014/STG.II dated 16-07-1416-07-2014
270 Joining of Sh S T Abbas as Director (Alliances) at NTIPRIT Ghaziabad09-07-2014
269 Relieving orders of participants in the course on "Understanding IPv6" held from 7-9 July 201409-07-2014
268 Joining and Posting of Sh G.K. Yadav ADG at NTIPRIT Ghaziabad08-07-2014
267 Posting of Directors at NTIPRIT Ghaziabad07-07-2014
266 Formation of committee for formulating the curriculum and handbook for BWS officer trainees02-07-2014
265 Six week training at IIPA New Delhi:Completion/relieving order of first batch of ITS-2010 batch officer trainees dated 20-06-201420-06-2014
264 Relieving order of three P&T BWS civil probationers of 2011 batch on completion of training at NTIPRIT06-06-2014
263 NTIPRIT to register training centers for launch of Government certified courses in telecom sector23-05-2014
262 Posting orders of Sh Vineet Verma as Director (Alliances)NTIPRIT06-05-2014
261 Schedule of four week Management and Two week Law training of Officer Trainees of ITS-2010 Batch at IIPA, New Delhi05-05-2014
260 Nominations invited for training programs scheduled in the Month of June 2014..click02-05-2014
259 Deputation of Sh A K Sharma AE(C), Postal sub-division to NTIPRIT04-04-2014
258 Transfer/Posting of Sh Narendra Prakash as ADG(IT & PR) under Director (PR)NTIPRIT01-04-2014
257 Pay fixation of Officer Trainees of ITS-2012 Batch01-04-2014
256 Field attachment and On job training of ITS-2011 Batch probationers14-03-2014